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Are you available for our date?


1We try to compliment all of our clients. We have a team of 4 wedding photographers to cover either our 1 Wedding photographer or 2 Wedding photographers packages.

The best way to find out is to email or call us directly to see if we are available for your day. Then the next step is to schedule an appointment to interview us in person.

Keep in mind that if you’re interviewing other potential photographers we don’t guarantee that we’ll be available if you don’t get back to us soonest, another client can interview us and book us on the same day you’re getting married.

To make it fair for all of our clients, who ever leaves a deposit and signs our formalized contract is guaranteed that we are booked but we offer 2 other wedding photographers that may be available for your day.

Our services are covered in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment in the Los Angeles area or at our office.

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