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Can guests take pictures?


2This is a very common question in the Los Angeles areas. Yes your guests can always take pictures. What we do ask for is that guests are not interrupting our job where we may an important shot. Many times guests like to stand right next to us to capture the exact same shot. We need to be able to move around freely and we do ask guests politely to move a distance and many to understand. As your wedding photographer, we take our job very serious and professionally. We will ask guests politely if they need to move or not to be too close to use because their flash, for example, may cause a blow out in your photo.

We do ask ahead of time if you have another wedding photographer or a regular photographer taking pictures as well so we are prepared to work in an organized manner where we’re not interrupted and able to catch the photos that you paid us for.

Our services are covered in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment in the Los Angeles area or at our office. We advice that you find out first if we have a wedding photographer available for your special day.

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