How far will you travel for a wedding?

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How far will you travel for a wedding?


15There is not limit to how far we can travel. We have done weddings as far as:

– Costa Rica
– New York
– Chicago
– Soon to be doing a wedding in Dominican Republic
– Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Fernando Valley, San Diego

As your wedding photographer we are open to travel by car, train or plane anywhere!

You will then ask how much will the additional cost be, its very simple – You will pay for your regular photography package + the following expenses for your photographer:

– Plane ticket – If we need to fly to another state/country we do ask that you pay for our travel.
– Hotel – You would only need to pay for one night stay at a hotel.
– Car expense – If we need to drive farther than Los Angeles country we do ask to help us pay for the gas expense.
– That is all!

As your photographer we do our upmost to help our clients save as much money possible. If we get the opportunity to travel to another state or country we take it as a great opportunity to venture out and even consider to help our client with cost, if prices are reasonable.

Our services are covered in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment in the Los Angeles area or at our office. We advice that you find out first if we have a wedding photographer available for your special day.

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