What if the weather is bad?

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What if the weather is bad?


25No one can control the weather even do the forecast tells you that there is no chance of rain or strong winds. That is the challenge in wedding photography to deal with unforeseen weather, yet we keep a positive attitude for our client.

In our experience in wedding photography we prepare ourselves and our clients to have a “Plan B” in case if we get bad weather on the day of your wedding. For example, if by the week of your event we see that it will rain then we advice our client to take umbrellas and choose a location indoors to take their formal photos. In advance we can call the location/venue where your formal photos will bee taken and see if they can accommodate us to have photos taken away from the rain etc. We also assist our client to look for an indoor location in the Los Angeles surroundings areas like a formal Hotel.

Our wedding photography services are covered in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment in the Los Angeles area or at our office.

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