What is Trash that Dress photo session?

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What is Trash that Dress photo session?


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What is trash that dress?
It’s a wedding photography style that is the opposite of an elegant atmosphere where the bride is comfortable to trash, another-wards, get her dress dirty to capture unique and out of the box photos.

This photo session is done days, weeks, months after the actual wedding day where a bride allows her dress to get dirty or wet, for example, at a beach where she is posing, running, splashing in the water. This is the most wedding popular photo session in Los Angeles.

Other photography locations where you can trash that dress in Los Angeles can include alleys, abandoned buildings, city streets, open field with dirt or wet grass etc. A bride wouldn’t mind about minor damages of getting her wedding dress dirty or tearing her garments.

Photography ideas of how to trash that dress can be consulted with your photographer, he/she will give you the best trash that dress ideas and where to have your photos taken throughout Los Angeles, the city of endless locations to take great photos.

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