What is your attire as wedding photographers?

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What is your attire as wedding photographers?


28The popular attire we’ve seen in the wedding photography Los Angeles scene is wearing all black. Its classy, professional and we blend in where we don’t attract too much attention. We wear slacks with a nice dress shirt.

From experience we’ve seen photographers wear jeans, t-shirt with sneakers which make them look tacky / unprofessional / disrespecting the formality of a wedding. We have been complimented in our attire by looking and working very professionally.

As your wedding photographers we consult this with you to ask you if you prefer us to wear specific colors. The only exception where we might not wear black attire is in the summer. To keep cool throughout a hot day we normally wear light color formal attire. Again we consult this with our client to be sure they’re ok with that.

Our services are covered in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment in the Los Angeles area or at our office. We advice that you find out first if we have photographers available for your special day.

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