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Choosing the right wedding photographer takes time and a lot of research. We invite potential clients to ask us all the questions they wish to feel completely satisfied that we are the right fit for their wedding day. We are confident that we offer the best wedding photography at a very affordable cost. Your experience will be to your complete satisfaction.

Once hired by Timeless Impressions Photography we go over a set of questions to go cover every possible detail there is to know about your wedding. A schedule is created to and reviewed several times until our client is completely satisfied. We make suggestions in how much time is needed to cover the ceremony, portrait session and reception. We go over the possibilities in what locations will suit best for your portraits.

An outline is created in who will be a part of your formal wedding portraits that will consist your immediate family, family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) and close friends. We also invite couples to give us ideas of what type of shots they would like taken. You feed us the ideas and create your vision. Every wedding has their unique vibe and look, the more open you can be at your wedding the more creative we can be.

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