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Timeless Impressions Photography offers an affordable engagement session package that can be included with your wedding photography package.

What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is a special photo shoot for just the bride and groom taken before the wedding. These photos are often used at the wedding to display at the wedding reception as a framed photo to sign, guest book cover, on a wedding website, to be sent into newspapers with the announcement of your engagement. These engagement portraits are great to give to your friends and family. This is also a good opportunity for the couple to get to know their wedding photographers.

Where can I take my engagement session?

Choosing the right location for your engagement portraits is what we help our couples decide. We sit down with our client to get to know their personality, style and we start brain storming on ideas for locations.

Listed below are ideas where to have your engagement photos taken:

Where you had your first date, where you first met, at your favorite spot, the beach, the park etc.  We recommend for our clients to think out of the box where you can take really unique, artistic and beautiful engagement portraits in neat locations. Los Angeles has so many neat places! downtown, museums, gorgeous parks with gardens/fountains etc.

Art is all around us and having creative and professional photographers will give you a variety of great, artistic photos. Explore your options on what locations you desire and we’ll take care of the rest in how to take your creative engagement photos.

Again, Los Angeles has so many great locations to choose from for your engagement portraits. Doing good research will help to give you a great start in where to have them taken and will help to also give you ideas in where to take your wedding photos as well. **Hint**check and ask if a permit is needed in certain locations. We will also know on certain locations if a permit is needed before your engagement photo session.

What to wear for your Engagement Session?

During an engagement photo shoot, depending on time, you can have at least two outfits and up to 3 outfits if contracted for more than 2 hours. Your location will tie in with your outfit. As your photographers we first get to know your personality and style then we implement ideas on where to have your engagement photos taken and what outfits to wear. We love to give our clients great ideas.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and that complements your style. Wear an outfit that will compliment each other’s outfits, for example, don’t wear a fancy outfit if your fiancé is wearing regular street clothes, both have to match the same style.

If you want photos at the beach then you’ll be semi-casual, beach attire, with flip-flops or bare foot to walk around the sand and water comfortably. If your engagement photos are taken in down town Los Angeles then you can be classier, formal attire or semi formal. Be creative as a couple, these engagement photos can be very artistic and give color to your personality with variety of poses. Your outfits will give a touch to your photos.

When to take your engagement session?

We usually recommend couples to take their engagement photos at least 1-2 months before their wedding. Couples usually tend to change by weight. A lot of couples usually have goals to lose weight before their wedding and at times a person can look very different and it’s best to have your engagement photos done closer to the wedding date. You want your engagement portraits to look as close as you will look on your wedding day.

What poses and engagement photography styles should I expect?

We implement three different types of photography styles:

Photojournalism Photography / Artistic Photography / Traditional photography

Your will have a variety of photos, close ups, 3/4, full body, pictures in different angles. They will be in color, black and white and sepia. Having two professional photographers will help to give you great variety of these engagement portraits.

Engagement Photojournalism Photography

Photojournalistic engagement photography – Rather than posing for your pictures in a portrait form, your professional photographers will capture your expressions naturally and spontaneously (candid). Photojournalism is defined as telling a story with photos that will go great for your engagement portraits. In engagement photography today photojournalism has come to be knows as documentary photos as they happen, this is with no involvement, direction or control from the photographer. Engagement photojournalism photography is a unique style where your photographer has to be able to fade into the background to capture candid, natural and unopposed shots.

Traditional Engagement Photography

Traditional Engagement photography is where people are posed and looking toward the camera. Traditional photography is characterized by lots of direction, involvement and control from the photographer. This style of photography is characterized by a very formal approach. This is part of the variety of photos that will be captured for your engagement portraits.

Artistic Engagement Photography

Artistic Engagement Photography creates it’s own individualism of creating unique set of artistic photos. These are outspoken photos, unique, eye catchy by its angle, how an expression is captured. We are surrounded by art and as artistic photographers we capture photos in different angles, lighting and composition. These artistic photos can come in black and white, sepia, full color or a black and white photo with only a spot of color on a focused object. An object can be captured in full focus while the rest can be blurry in the background that can be an example of how artistic photos are taken. Your engagement portraits will come in a variety of color, black and white.

Timeless Impressions photography cover the following locations for engagement photo sessions: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Burbank, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Irvine

Please look at our gallery to see our photography style and call us to set up an appointment!

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