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Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. An album is not complete without capturing a bride as she is beautifully transferred into a gorgeous bride. A pre bridal session is a great way to capture every detail, as she gets ready.

Wedding pictures carry a storyline and staring with the pre bridal session will give it a special touch. Bridal portraits bring out the details as the bride gets ready, the process of getting her make up and hair done, where she puts on her dress, shoes, jewelry and veil. It’s the special emotions that are being captured, the tears of joy, surrounded by beautiful smiles.

Your wedding photographer will first start taking details of the dress, jewelry, and shoes before the bride puts it on. It’s the combination of artistic shots that are taken in different artistic angles. Detail is key during a pre bridal shoot. Bridal portraits express a lot of detail and emotion. There are many special emotional, special moments during a pre bridal session for example, where the mother helps her daughter put on her veil, shoes or jewelry. Other details during a pre bridal shoot are when her hair is getting styled or her make up is being applied. Fun shots are also taken where your wedding photographer will capture at the right moment, it will build more character for your bridal portraits.

A bride appreciates details; it’s what makes your storyline become more alive and unique. So much money is spent on the dress, shows, jewelry and other accessories that it’s worth having a pre bridal photo session. Your pre bridal portraits deserve to stand out as it expresses who you are by unveiling your beauty, as you become a gorgeous bride.

Your wedding photography implements two photography styles for your pre bridal session styles: photojournalism and traditional. You will have pre bridal shots that are not posed, they are taken naturally, as another way of calling it: photojournalism. Then you will have some shots where you are posed, taking every details as close ups, ¾ or full body shots, know as traditional shots. These pre bridal shots are combined with color and black and white effects.

Can a groom have his own separate pre bridal photo session?

YES! This photo session is more unique, with a more masculine style. Your wedding photographer will take pictures of details such as his cuff lings, watch, shoes, suit, tie, etc. Different from a bride’s pre bridal shoot, these are more fun shots where he can take fun shots with his grooms men and friends. This is consulted with your wedding photographers to get the shots the groom would like taken.

Pre Bridal Makeup, need tips and recommendations?

Please visit our tips page to help you find the right makeup artist and learn more about the different types of make up styles are. This will help you choose the right make up artist for your special day, as well as how to bring out the best pictures for your bridal portraits.

All of our wedding photography packages include a pre bridal session; this will depend on the hours that you contract us. Please visit our pre bridal gallery to view our work.

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