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Santa Monica Wedding PhotographerTimeless Impressions Photography specializes in wedding photography at a very affordable price. Included in our wedding photography packages we offer separately Engagement Portraits, also at a very reasonable price. As professional photographers we capture a variety of wedding photography styles such as:

Photojournalism Photography

Artistic Photography

Traditional photography

Our services cover the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Fernando Valley and in a more metropolitan region, such as Pasadena, Burbank, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Irvine areas.

We mainly focus on wedding photography. As professional Santa Monica Wedding Photographers we take pride in our work providing our clients with a style that in touch with today’s trends. We capture the magic of your day as it happens. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life!

Every wedding is unique, each composed with personalized details that come together to make a wedding day very special. Great wedding photography tells stories. We focus on the relationships between people, capturing their expressions and emotions, often taken without anyone knowing. We document every key moment. Feeling comfortable with your professional Santa Monica Wedding Photographer is very important, as they will play an important part on your special day.

Our style of wedding photography allows the day to flow uninterrupted, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying yourself while feeling at ease in front of the camera. We capture your wedding at the most natural and artistic style, as the day goes on. As professional Santa Monica Wedding Photographers we give a very special touch to each wedding, creating a photo unique story with your pictures from the beginning to the end.

Coverage usually begins when the bride gets ready, at her pre bridal session. The most common portraits that a bride loves to have done. Pre bridal portraits cover the unique details such as the brides dress, bouquet, ring, and the finishing touches with her hair and make up. It’s the touching moments during a pre bridal sessions where she puts on her veil, shoes and jewelry. Special moments are being captured where natural expressions are being expressed such as tears of joy, laughter and gorgeous smiles. As professional Santa Monica Photographer we capture all the unique and memorable details that a bride would love to look back during her pre bridal portraits.

Santa Monica PhotographerYour wedding photos are the best way to share those precious moments with your friends and family. Choosing your professional Santa Monica Photographer is an important decision you will have to make. We hope that by viewing our gallery, expressing our passion for wedding photography and how important that we have a great relationship with our clients will open an interest to hire us for your special day.

We like to educate our clients so they understand the different types of wedding photography styles that come together on their wedding day. The most popular styles are Photojournalism Photography (candid), Traditional Photography and Artistic Photography.

Wedding Photojournalism Photography

Photojournalism Wedding Photography

Photojournalism Wedding Photography has become very popular; it is the most common type of style captured at a wedding. Rather than posing for your pictures in a portrait form, your professional photographers will follow you throughout your wedding day capturing events spontaneously (candid). Photojournalism is defined as telling a story with photos. In wedding photography today photojournalism has come to be knows as documentary photos of wedding day events as they happen, this is with no involvement, direction or control from the photographer. Wedding photojournalism photography is a unique style where your Santa Monica Wedding Photographer has to be able to fade into the background to capture candid, natural and unopposed shots.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Santa Monica Wedding PhotographerTraditional wedding photography is characterized as a more relaxed approach by your Santa Monica Photographer where here people are posed and looking toward the camera. Traditional photography is characterized by lots of direction, involvement and control from the photographer. This style of photography is characterized by a very formal approach. Theses posed shots are popular when taken during your formal portraits where combinations are being made bride-only or bride-with mom and dad, groom – with father etc. Most wedding albums incorporate a variety of traditional shots of formal grouping and combinations. Traditional wedding photography is detailed in what poses will be taken by your Santa Monica Wedding Photographer from a “shot list”, ensuring that all the shots requested by the bride and groom are covered. Most couples do like the combination of all styles that include photojournalistic photography in their galleries and wedding albums.

Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic Wedding Photography creates its own individualism of creating unique set of images from your special day. These are outspoken photos, unique, eye catchy by its angle, how an expression is captured combined by either in color or in black in white. These artistic shots are spontaneous that bring more flavor into your storyline, where certain objects can appear blurry and the main subject is in focus. A background can serve as an artistic shot where the main subject is at a certain angle, pose. Your photographer will seek great backgrounds and settings. Artistic wedding photography will have a variety of color and black and white artistic photos that create more visually dramatic effects captured by an object, emotion or artistic pose.

Santa Monica PhotographerTimeless Impressions Photography incorporates all these wedding photography styles in a wedding. We take advantage of the day that we are contracted to create a unique and beautiful storyline that fits best to the couple’s personality. Every wedding is unique and we take the time to get to know the couple to listen to their expectations and wishes in what wedding shots they would like taken. After we are hired, we go over during your consultation every detail. We create a complimentary schedule to give you an idea how your shot list will run covering from the pre bridal session, ceremony, locations for your formal shot and reception.

What we offer in our Wedding Photography Packages

Timeless Impressions Photography is very dedicated to their clients. Our team of three professional Santa Monica Photographers create a very extensive variety of wedding photography styles. We are committed to provide our clients our upmost experience in wedding photography to provide our dedication, professionalism and our artistic ability to provide the best photos at your wedding day.

We’re recognized as the top wedding photographers from surrounding areas in Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Burbank, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Irvine for the past 8 years.

Another great thing about us is that we are very affordable wedding photographers in the Los Angeles county area . We will compliment your budget. We also provide affordable engagement portraits included in your engagement session package. Each wedding photography package that we provide has:

  • 2 professional photographers
  • Online Gallery for 1 year
  • CD of all your High Res photos with copyrights
  • Variety of wedding photography styles (Traditional, Photojournalistic, and Artistic photos)
  • Consultation of all the details needed to be covered for your wedding photos with a complementary scheduled prepared by us and you will finalize the final draft.
  • We visit the venues where the ceremony and reception will take place to cover every detail for our photo shot list.
  • Prints are provided in each package that consist of 12×18 / 11×14 / 8×10 / 5×7 / 4×6 prints.

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