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Timeless Impressions Photography work with the best and professional videographers in Los Angeles that service Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Fernando, Riverside, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

As your professional photographers we highly recommend creative videographers that specialize in:

Weddings                    Graduations

Anniversaries              Sweet 16

Red Carpet Events      Trade Shows

Corporate Events        Commercials

Retirement Parties       Promotional

Bar Mitzvahs               Legal

Quinceñeras                Marketing Videos

We work with videographers who carry professional equipment with top of the line digital cameras, using professional lighting and audio equipment. These professional and experience videographers edit the final results in professional post production software’s where special effects and graphics.

The professional videographers that we highly recommend cover the most important aspects of your wedding or event. They sit down with their client to go over the highlights in what is important to their client to cover, not letting any detail pass them by.

One of the most common and popular use for a professional videographers is a wedding videographer especially in the Los Angeles county areas where they cover the most important highlight of a such wedding such as the pre-bridal, ceremony and reception.

Your professional videographer will create a beautiful storyline where your end result will have attractive special effects and graphics with high quality music. This is a special memory and to go back and relive the moment as if you were there again is what a professional videographer can create for you.

As your professional wedding photographers we will recommend you only the best! videographers. We have known and have worked closely with videographers that have made a lot of our clients very happy with their wedding DVD or special events DVD. Another reason why we recommend these professionally wedding videographers or event / corporate videographers in Los Angeles is not for their quality but also because their package deals are very affordable.

A lot of wedding videographers in Los Angeles over charge on unnecessary extra stuff that is not needed. Our recommended professional videographers will sit down with you to go over the details in how your videos will be produced without adding unnecessary costs. These videography package deals consist of having 1 to 2 cameras, depending on how big the even is. If it’s a big event, having 2 videographers will give you better results to cover every important detail, at every angle, close up, reaction shots, spontaneous and special moments.

Your wedding pictures are very memorable and precious to have to look back but having your video included is even more special to capture your memories live. This is a special video to share with your friends and family.

Here are some samples of the different types of wedding or event videographer styles offered in Los Angeles and in Orange County:

Video Journalist Style

Typically described as a documentary of the event. These are segments that your videographer will edit to produce a polished documentation of the day as it unfolds.


These are videographer terms as making a movie or film. Within the wedding videography industry it is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood. Your wedding videographer in Los Angeles will present it with a particular style and “wow” effect that may not be present in a “mere documentary” of the event.


A video that relies on sound bites recorded pre, during or in post, usually from the bride and broom. Your wedding videographer in Los Angeles will add this to the audio track for dramatic effect and to push the story of the day forward.

Short Form Wedding

Your Wedding Videographer in Los Angeles will create a video for the day that has been edited to fit within a time frame that is no less than 15 minutes and no longer than 50 minutes.


A videographer in Los Angeles will create a family-shot video; it can be edited, but usually lightly. These videos tend to be 2 – 3 hours, and even longer, in length.

Wedding videographer in Los Angeles is not limited to using just on of these styles; different amounts of styles can be found in every video. We work with all types of Videographer services in Los Angeles and Orange County areas. We mainly work with Wedding Videographers in Los Angeles and Corporate videographers in Los Angeles.

Contact us to get you ahead of your list to organize and plan your wedding or event. We will help you with any questions and connect with the best and professional videographers services in Los Angeles. As your professional wedding or event photographers we take pride with whom we work with and always highly recommend the best! in Los Angeles and Orange County, let us help you save the stress and arrange a great and professional videographer, call or email us

You can email us at or call us directly at 818-632-0982

“Timeless Impressions photography has provided professional photography services in the Los Angeles, Orange Count and San Fernando Valley areas for the past 8 years”

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